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Name:Mrs. Trisna Wahyuni [Marketing]
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Y!: pt.kronos Y!: pt.kronos
Google Talk:  pt.kronos  pt.kronos
Mobile Number:62-81977-500403 / 812360-92888
Phone Number:62-81977-500403
Address:Jl. Drupadi XVII No. 17 Sumerta Klod
DENPASAR 80235, Bali
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Registration Date:May. 08, 2004
Last Updated:Jun. 01, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Computer Hardware & Software category

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Company Brief

PT. KRONOS is a company software house.
We have 2 kind of products; Syscon Hospital Management Systems ( SHOMs) and Syscon Hotel Management Systems ( SHMS) .

SHOMs is suitable for Public Hospital / Private Hospital / Clinic. SHMs is suitable for hotel / villa / resort 3/ 4/ 5 stars.

Our software are under windows, full-integrated, multiusers, multicurrency, multistore, complete report, client server programme, flexible, very understanding and friendly user needed, etc. We can install and do for a company in/ out Indonesia.
For more information:
+ 62-81977-500403 / email: info@ sysconsystem.com
PIN BB: 74F08937

Major Products / Services
  • Software for Hotel Management Systems
    Software Hotel is for 3 / 4 / 5 stars. Modules (Front Office, Back Office and Restaurant) and features are very complete. Some hotels have been using our softwares. The software is standard international hotel application. It is Under windows, User Friendly, Multi currency, Multi users, Multi store, Multi password, full-integrated, update data real-time, modification, client server program, Upgradeable & able to Report Generator, etc. For more information, please contact: Office: +62-361-254820. Mobile: +62-81977500403 / 081392800090. Email: pt.kronos@yahoo.com
  • Software utk Rumah Sakit kecil/ besar/ klinik
    Software RS Full Integrated, Standard Depkes & ICD-10 (Accounting, Payroll, Lab, Record Medik, FO, Apotik) sangat cocok untuk Rumah sakit full Computerized. Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi: Tel: 0361-254820 / Mobile: 081977500403 / 081392800090

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